Rest Resources for Expert Sleep Traning

Sleep Medicine is one
of the most rapidly
growing areas of
healthcare today
Let REST be your
guide into the world
of sleep. We offer
A-STEP accredited
2-week entry
training, skills
workshops and
registry exam prep
workshops to assist
you in all facets of
your sleep career.

As an experienced technologist,
what can REST offer me?
Requirements for CECs are a difficult and
daunting prospect for many technologists.
Whether you are looking to update skills or
complete necessary skills, we have a program
that works. EKG, titration, scoring and
specialty programs that are offered bi-annually
can work in your favor for advancement and
Do your workshops offer
approved CECs?
Each of our professional workshops are
submitted to the AAST for approval for
Continuing Education Credits. If you are
looking for cross-functionality, we can work
with you to have them approved by your
professional governing board.
I have studied for months and still failed the exam…how can REST help?
It isnt easy to do it on your own. Especially if
you work in a smaller, independent lab that
cant offer you the exposures and support
necessary to properly prepare for the BRPT
exam. REST can give you the solid
foundation and helpful hints you need to better
equip you in your self-study efforts and reach
the goal of success!
With so many programs out there,
why choose REST?
You see them in every respiratory, nursing and
medical magazine out there. It is difficult to
know which to choose. We are one of the only
A-STEP accredited programs in the NY
Metropolitan area that can offer you the
success that comes from experience. We have been training our own technologists for over 10 years in the field of sleep medicine.
What qualifications should I
have for an easier transition
into Sleep Medicine?Anyone with a strong aptitude for medical
procedure and the desire to work in an
overnight patient care environment could
make the transition. Traditionally, respiratory
therapists, EEG technicians and nurses have
entered the field more easily than those
without any medical background. You must be
able to work well with patients and have some
basic understanding of biology and math.
How do I find out more about
your programs, pricing and
sleep medicine in general?Contact us at (800) 774-7533 ext 146 for a more detailed list of available workshops, dates, tuition pricing and links to sleep medicine sites.